SHCP - Small Host Control Panel


Welcome to the SHCP Project. Our goal is to make a Virtual Hosting package that can be easily installed on the server, which will pre-configure the following packages, using Perl and PHP.

The packages we've chosen to combine are:

  1. Apache
  2. ProFTPD
  3. Bind
  4. Extension support *
  5. PHP 5
  6. Glue - Our own special PHP/PERL Mix
  7. Email (Still TBD)

The system will support, both ip based and ipless virtual domains using HTTP, and FTP. Domain owners will be able to administer users under their own domain regardless if they are ipbased or not.

Presently the system combines dns configuration with domain (both ip and ipless) and user setup (for ftp).

* Current extension proposed is OpenSrs support.

Stay tuned!

-Alexey Zilber

<rant>Some background news of late... I dug up this code because I'm fed up with the current crop of "Control Panel" type of systems. They make life harder in actuality. Some of them are quite viral and actually become the distribution, instead of sitting on top of a distribution. If you've used control panel software, from the SysAdmin side, you know which system I'm talking about. Counterproductive, and ultimately a business disaster.</rant>



Project Status:

12-Aug-2004: Project resurrected and renamed SHCP from Virtual Hoster (VHoster). Version .13a of VHoster will be used, from the now defunct hosting.

Old Project Status:

08-Jun-2000: Currently we are pre-alpha. I've built things by hand and am currently using it on my own server. I've gotten the build process down for all the items, but it needs to be better through out and re-worked. I will be re-working things into an alpha release in about a month. Stay tuned!

17-Oct-2000: We have completed mod_perl code for Apache auto-configuration, Bind configuration, and a large part of the glue. We are currently focusing on adding Alias named virtual host support. The system has been in production and is stable and reliable. We expect beta within the month. We have abandoned though using MySQL since it's not needed in the project. We will also not be focusing on email presently since that is a whole seperate system. We advise people to use an outside service like for email.

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